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Chicago Search Engine Optimization.

Knock your competitors off their rankings. One keyword at a time.

You’re here for all the right reasons if you’ve came across this page as you were searching for Chicago SEO on a single Google Search. That’s what we’re here to help you with. You came across Adeocode for reasons being that we practice what we preach which is SEO results for your company.

With research being the first step of the Chicago SEO process with Adeocode, it is arguably one of the most important factors of assuring the proper planning and preparation is accumulated for starting on your project. When you come to Adeocode for your Search Engine Optimization needs, we do not go off the grid and tell you our goal immediately is to just simply get your rankings as high as they can on Google. We ask to really hear your voice. Your story. What your company values the most and offers the most to its consumers. Within getting a much more vivid image of what your entire company’s ideology is, it allows us to be so much more efficient in starting our SEO process with you. By getting a grasp of the industry you work in, who your competitors are, which competitors are ranking above you currently, or better yet, which competitors are ranking on Google at all, it already puts you in an advantage above them entirely. (You’d be surprised at the results.) This type of research is what we spend an immense amount of time on when first starting to work on SEO for your company. We take a look at your current rankings and analytics as well as provide an in-depth comparison for you to see where you currently stand against your competitors. With that information provided to you by us, you are then given a much better visual representation of where you are in terms of your company’s current ranking placement, the approximate time you can start to see SEO results as well as the difficulty of ranking within the same realm of your industry that you represent alongside your competitors. There is two types of research we usually like to partake in with our clients. The first type is generic research so broader terms and keywords that your clients would generally search for, we take these keywords for generic searches and distribute them accordingly when working on your website alongside properly optimizing them from a logical standpoint that makes sense for the users to read and engage with the content on your website. The second type of research we partake in is the niche research itself, while it may immediately sound like the niche research is more important than the general research, that is not necessarily true. In order to get to the top rankings of the niche keywords of your industry, you must be spending adequate time on generic keywords as well because they simply build off each other from an authority standpoint. Think of it as a popular restaurant in your area showing up first on Google. Are they ranking first simply because they have the best burgers or are they ranking first because they have the most delicious menu in the entire area. Your SEO keyword research works in a similar manner, we don’t want to just rank you for one item or service you’re known for, but instead want to rank you for all of the items or services you offer. The complete package.

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SEO isn’t just about putting a bunch of words onto one page or your site entirely. It has to make sense, more importantly, it needs to have logic behind it, within the reader itself looking over it and actually comprehending the content that’s been written by you, the author. With that in mind, we have been structuring our content to be as most optimized as it physically and technically can in Google’s eyes.