Chicago Web Development Services.

Front-End Development

Ah voila. The beautiful UX/UI design has successfully been created and approved by you. Now it’s time to relay this wonderful information that we’ve compiled of web design to our actual web developer. To our, Front End Developers to be more exact. Our front end developer works hand in hand with our designer in a transition phase of taking the prototype, wireframes as well as the overall web design and actually transforming it into code within the web development process. Being the best web development team in Chicago, we can assure you that you’re apart of the process just as the entirety of our team is too. You are greeted with daily updates, conference calls with the live status of the development phase, as well as any additional input needed from you to relay to our team. The Front End Developer outlines to you the exact framework and steps we are taking for your specific project in order for you to be aware of and fully understand our decisions and reasoning behind our selection.


Quality Assurance Testing

Going back to the example of the crappy roads every person in Chicago knows about, the Quality Assurance phase of the project is the testing phase where we all become in control. Who tests these roads in Chicago no other than it’s own people! In this case for the Web Development that’s being worked on your website, we have to test it for problems, bugs, or any type of errors in between. Whenever a task is marked as completed, it indeed becomes completed, but that’s just for the Web Development Phase. You have to put yourself in the shoes of all the consumers, clients, and customers that will be using your website as soon as it’s live. What’s worse than hopping onto a nice looking site that ends up basically being worthless because you can’t navigate to a single webpage since your entire screen is jumping all over the place from one click to another! Adeocode doesn’t have OCD but we do have MVP, which stands for Minimal Viable Product that’s exactly what becomes the next phase after Quality Assurance Testing. Once every single bad boy bug is found and resolved and you’re essentially ready for the minimalistic version of your website to launch live on the web.

quality assurance min scaled

Minimal Viable Product

Phew. One of the biggest satisfactions come at this very moment of the project’s phase which is when you arrive at the completion of the MVPMinimal Viable Product. Getting to this stage of the project essentially means we’re proud to present you with a standalone production of your website that is fully functioning, entirely responsive across various devices, as well as ready to use if needed at that very moment. (We’ve had clients from Chicago in the past that needed to launch with their MVP version of their website in the past.) However, this was usually for emergency reasons. Going back to the very original planning phase at the beginning of the project as discussed earlier on this page, this should rarely ever be a consideration since we work together to accurately and accordingly plan and estimate a proper timeframe that you’re well aware of ahead of time for there’s no margin for error. We suggest that this phase of the website development and project is the best time to showcase and display to your investors, coworkers, family or anyone in between that you think should deserve to be aware of what has been developed this far up to date.

mvp scaled